This psychological thriller set in a small northern town, is based on Norwegian crime writer (LA Times Book Prize, Glass Key award) Karin Fossum’s novel Den Onde Viljen. It is an elegant exploration of loss and the complex issues surrounding human morality and accountability after one irresponsible decision creates tragedy. 

On a beautiful moonlit night, three young men go out on the lake for a boat ride, only two return.  When the apparent suicide by drowning gives way to a murder investigation, it becomes clear that the surviving pair have something to hide.

A panicked, foolish, late night decision inadvertently causing the death of a young immigrant, tests the morality and accountability of the three young men.The strongest, intent on doing everything to stop the truth from emerging to save his affluent lifestyle, manipulates the other two to secrecy. Struggling with guilt and remorse, one gets high and the other unable to reconcile his conscience with being loyal to his childhood friends, ends up in a psychiatric ward and ultimately floating in a lake. 

 How far will someone go to protect what they believe they deserve? When the body of a young Vietnamese boy is discovered, a significant connection is made which will unravel the truth behind the untimely death of the two young men. Two mothers will bond over the loss of their sons, understanding the folly of youth that can lead to disaster. Redemption is found in new relationships forged, healing tragedy.

 I am seeking producers to work with, to secure development financing, as I work on revisions of the script with Karen Lee Street, former Head of Development at the European Script Fund and MEDIA, and author of a book on screenwriting (see bio under to create a highly crafted, “polish” draft.  (Nov.1/18)