MĀRA RAVINS is an independent filmmaker with roots in performance art and a passion for celluloid photography. Having self-produced a number of rich, powerful films, both narrative and documentary, her work continually searches for truth and beauty.


ARTIST'S STATEMENT: In all my work I have sought to discover some form of truth and beauty as an answer to the questions: What do we value? Where does one find happiness, a sense of self and belonging? Where is the potential for genuine connection with others and the world through accepting our weaknesses, fears, moral and emotional disarray outside of the confines of judging ourselves, our actions and others as good or evil, right or wrong. No matter how desperate, lonely and isolated one may feel, some form of grace will always enter, if one allows for that, as hope, beauty or love. The writing process of the script for Siberian Story, has been a continuation of exploring these themes, with an emphasis on exile and redemption within exile.

With specific regard to the medium of film, I have always been interested in the aesthetics of visual language, focusing on the textures, colors, spatial design, lighting and sound within each setting, environment and landscape, attentive to the finest details in their potential to create a more evocative, seductive, metaphorical, associative possibility for the viewer to experience a story through the medium of cinema. This allows me to explore the relationship between place and the emotional rendering, foreshadowing and development of a character's inner emotional world.

I remain deeply inspired by the works of Antonioni, Techine, Kurosawa, Andrei Zvyagintsev, Kim Ki Duk, Andrea Arnold, to name a few of my favourite film artists.